Producers Who Feed the World

Southern Alberta is home to world-class agriculture that feeds the world.

The farmers, ranchers and artisans who live here call Canada’s Premier Food Corridor their backyard. They produce a wide array of agri-food products which generate an estimated $8 billion in gross domestic products annually. Meet the producers and processors who live and work in this unique, bio-diverse region which offers the rich growing conditions to sustain our regional agricultural sector.

These producers are our families, friends, and neighbours – their stories are rooted in our rich history, and they plant the seeds that grow Southern Alberta’s food ecosystem.

The development of the Agri-Food Hub and Trade Centre provides opportunity for the farms of Southern Alberta to come together as a community that delivers farm-to-table experiences, while generating economic prosperity for local producers. Once completed, the 268.000 square foot Agri-food Hub and Trade Centre is expected to re-invest an estimated $90 million annually to the local economy. Lethbridge & District Exhibition's campus will form the epicenter of agricultural-based innovation, and will serve as a landmark for many other industries.

Meet the producers who are rooted in Lethbridge and district.

Vol 1: Sun Diamond Farms Inc.

Vol 2: DrumBo Smokers

Vol 3: Broxburn Vegetables & Cafe

Vol 4: Crystal Springs Cheese